When her best friend vanishes, Ana Moon, and three strangers with powers beyond the ordinary, must confront a series of terrifying shifts in reality to bring her back.

February 6, 2020

17-year-old outsider, Ana Moon, is having a bad week. It starts with a fight at school, then suspension, followed by visits to a ‘shrink’ for Psychological Evaluation.

Things can’t get worse right? Wrong. When Ana finds herself in an Underground train crash things quickly go from bad to worse. Her best friend, Bea’s gone – taken. And Ana is forced to confront a terrifying reality: the world is not what she thinks.  

Now she must join forces with mysterious dark-eyed Malik Habib, and his team of Pathfinders. A mute girl with fighting sticks and a boy who moves like smoke. 

Together, they must find Bea and bring her home, or risk being hunted and killed by dark forces, or worse, being lost in the space between worlds.  

“First you lift. Then you float. Then you Fall.

That’s how it happens—the Falling. It’s frightening and it hurts. It feels as if your bones are being crushed. Your insides, ripped out. Your body is being force-fed through a meat grinder. It disorientates, disturbs and it dazzles the mind. Flips normal upside down, inside out and back to front. But it’s not the Falling that matters.

It’s what happens after.”

Addictive Storytelling.
— Goodreads
A fiercely paced science fiction thriller, perfect for fans of Marie Lu.
— Amazon

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